A shaman beside the behemoth

The Shaman is a unit for the Gallic tribes.Their uses are the reversed one as the Healer.Instead of healing,it boosts nearby ally's attack.

Cost: 100 gold

Cooldown: 8 second

Attack Type: None

Damage Resistance:

  • Melee: -40%
  • Ranged: -40%
  • Magic: -40%

Special: Boost nearby ally's attack

Range: Near

Health: Extremely Low

Speed: Slow


  • Around the circle

Make a large unit that surrounds you in a circle or another defensive form.While they defend you,you boost their attack.

  • Don't go alone

Don't go without an assist of a troop.Or you will die.

Other appearenceEdit

In Siegius Arena,an enemy called mage resembles the Shaman.