​ "The primary ranged unit for the Roman Legion"

The Archer is the second Roman unit. It is unlocked from the start. Archers are very powerful in groups. A large group of Archers can kill enemy melee units before they get a chance to attack. They can be replaced in your army by Fire Archers in later levels. The most useful aspect of the Archer is that they can fire at units slightly below or above them who cannot attack them. Like Legionaries they spawn in pairs by default.


Cost: 50 gold

Attack Type: Ranged

Damage Resistance:

  • Melee: -50%
  • Ranged: None
  • Magic: None


Spawns in squads of 2 

Attack: Very Low

Range: Very High

Health: Extremely Low

Speed: Medium

Upgrades Edit

Range Increase

​Level 2: +50% range (100 gold)

Cost: 30 exp

Level 3: +100% range (150 gold)

Cost: 45 exp

​Attack Increase

​Level 2: +20% attack (75 gold)

Cost: 20 exp

Level 3: +50% attack (100 gold)

Cost: 30 exp


  • An Archer cluster is possibly the most powerful thing in the game. A large enough cluster is almost impossible to attack. However the Archers will die quite quickly once they reach the enemy base.
  • Contrary to what you would assume from the Tutorial level, Archers need protection from melee units as a pair of Archers alone cannot kill a Beserker before it reaches them.

Trivia Edit