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Hail Ceasar!

Caesar is the General of the Roman Legion.


Caesar wears a white tunic with a leather cape.Along with the Roman's iconic "Feathered top Helmet" or easily identified as centurion helmet.Caesar's face is never revealed.Only his eyes are present.He wields a large Shield and a flaming sword.

He rides into battle on a white horse with gold armor.


Caesar is fast like the other 2 generals.Caesar's main strong point is his defensive capabilities.He also can be purchased with tactical boosts which is attack and defense or speed.Making him a quite good general for starters.


Offense - 4/10 Worse then average.

Defense - 6/10 Better then average.

Spells - 5/10 average, not too weak, but not too strong.

Caesar is a jack of trades, good at everything, but not specialized in it.


  • Caesar's front name is never be revealed. However, it is likely he is based off Julius Ceasar, as this takes place before the Tribes in Gaul were conquered.
  • Caesar's Shield appeared in the game Strike Force Heroes.
Siegius in strike force heroes

Caesar's shield in Strike Force Heroes