"Medium armor and fast, powerful melee attacks" Edit


The Berserker is the third basic unit of Gaul tribes. They haven't any special (except to be weak to all type of attacks), but they have the biggest health among the basic Gaul unit; instead the strongest attack belongs to the Raider. They also attack two times, with each attack among 8-12 (with full attack upgrade).

You can upgrade their slow speed (+50% and +100%) or their attack (+20% or 50%).

Stats Edit

Costs: 90G

Cooldown: 5 seconds

Type: Melee

Damage resistance:

  • Melee: -20%
  • Ranged: -40%
  • Magic:-20%

Special: None

Attack: Low (Double)

Range: Near

Health: Low

Speed: Lower than other basic troop

Strategy Edit

  • Never attack archers! Their low speed and ranged resistance cause your berserker to die before they could even attack.

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