"Medium armor and fast, powerful melee attacks"

The Berserker is the third Gaul unit. It is unlocked from the start.

Stats Edit

Cost: 90G

Cooldown: 5 seconds

Attack Type: Melee

Damage Resistance:

  • Melee: -20%
  • Ranged: -40%
  • Magic: -20%

Special: None

Attack: Very Low (Double attack speed)

Range: Very Low

Health: Low

Speed: Low

Upgrades Edit

Speed Increase

Level 2: +50% speed (108 gold)

Cost: 20 exp

Level 3: +100% speed (126 gold)

Cost: 30 exp

Attack Increase

Level 2: +20% attack (135 gold)

Cost: 30 exp

Level 3: +50% attack (180 gold)

Cost: 45 exp

Strategy Edit

  • Useful in early levels to kill Legionaries and Defenders, and clear a path through enemy infantry
  • Ineffective in later levels due to massed ranged units

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