Behemoths are very huge and use a giant log as a weapon. They hit very hard and have high defence. Whenever they land an attack, the ground will shake. Their disadvantage is that they are very slow.They costs 250 to hire.


Behemoths are huge sized human.Or merely a human because of it's giant size.They are recognizeable for it's memorable face mask and log.

They suffer a -30% resistance to every types of attack; you can upgrade their high health or their number (max three)


  • The mere human

Behemoths are merely humans.They can withstand more damage than Defenders.They also do a lot of damage and useful for the Gallic tribe.

Shamans do a boost of damage to nearby allies.Get them around your Behemoth to make it more destructive.

Other appearancesEdit

The Behemoth appears at Siegius Arena.They are up to date for their face mask and armor.And their memorable log is replaced by a giant spiked club.

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